Saturday, November 3, 2007

On the plane from Vegas

Its over. Can't believe its done. Didn't have enough time to win back all my dough.

Hopefully there's a garage game tonight as we are a lot smarter at cards today than we were 3 days ago and we want to share our newly dicovered skills by taking money from friends rather than complete strangers taking ours.

There will be another trip. Start saving for it boys.

I'll let Alex pontificate on his deflowering experience as I was just a spectator. Felt like a Hutterite mother.

Off to Seattle. Hear there's a storm brewing in Calgery. Hopefully won't cause us any trouble as we want to get to church tomorrow. We are in the need of prayer.
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Friday, November 2, 2007

Gambling Wins

A hint.......we have time to enter these posts. Draw your own conclusion. Sigh:(
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Gambling Wins

A hint.......we have time to enter these posts. Draw your own conclusion. Sigh:(
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Driving in Vegas

Alex Schaap is by far the worst navigator I have ever had.
But on the bright side, saw a ton of Vegas.
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I rule.

Alex here, just sitting across the table from jack eating some chinese.  He's putting an entry on the blog and i have no idea what it is about but, i will say we had a heckuva day, we rented a car and drove around, and we saw a lot of vegas and area.  I was in charge of the navigation and was able to put us exactly where we needed to be cause i rule when it comes to maps..
Anyway, we got to freemont street, it was packed with drunkeness and beligerance and half naked people. Then there was more mgm granding, my fav place, very nice! I like!!

Update by Jack

Sorry for the lack of posts but we've been busy!
Today we let Vegas have a little break from us and recover their senses (if Vegas is a plural noun). CR had to attend the wedding, that being the main reason for us being here so Schaaper and I rented a car and went down to check out the Hoover dam. Looks impressive from the road. We thought of taking a canyon hike but together we decided it was too hot outside and we didn't have any water. Better to be on the safe side.

Right now we are back at our agreed upon favourite establishment, the MGM Grand waiting our turn at a Sit-N-Go Tourney. Tonights the night! We plan on going shopping tomorrow for new cars with our winnings!

Keep you posted.
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Thursday, November 1, 2007


So this place is unreal.. Waaaay bigger than i could imagine.  I went to bed at 5am, reluctantly!!!
Played in one tourney thus far, didn't money but it was a good lead into today.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In seattle!

Sittin down grabbing a bite at WAJI'S in seatac.. Boarding plane to vegas in 45 minutes..

Waitin at the gate

Just about missed our flight thanks to major congestion on the roads.. Damn!!! Next update in seattle
Vegas or bust baby, vegas or bust....


Two virgins descend on Vegas!

Alex is a Vegas Virgin and I am a  Blogger virgin!  Don’t know which of us is more excited to be de-flowered.  I think it is Alex.  I just have that feeling after seeing the anticipatory glow in his face last night and how giddy he get when he talks about the big trip.  When you look at him, you would never suspect that he hasn’t been sleeping for days.  He has this healthy look that can only come from a rush of blood to the face.  Not to say that I’m not looking forward to it too but in a different way.  It will be loads of fun but CR and I have the added thrill of watching Alex take in the sights and sounds of his dream.  Sort of the feeling you get when you see your infant discover something for the first time.


My first blogger experience is sort of strange.  It is such a solitary act done in the aloneness of my office.  Not sure how I feel about it or how I’m supposed to feel.  They say that it will be better the next time.  The blog thing and my participation is Alex’s idea.  We will contribute via BB during the three days although I think one of us may have more time on our hands than the other.  Not sure…….


Stay tuned…..

Leaving this afternoon!

Jack and I are leaving to the Calgary Airport this afternoon. Our flight takes us to Seattle, then to Vegas. We plan to be checkin out the action tonight at around 1030pm. Chris joins us tomorrow at 9am in the morning.
Wish us luck.. but not too much, I may move my family down there and start my career as a professional poker player.